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Our premier products

We use a wide variety of materials and multiple processes to provide the most functional design for your labeling needs. The finished identification solution can be customized to meet any requirements, from simple to the most demanding. Our design team can handle many applications, while finishing in a timely manner, they can help create a wide variety of custom identification solutions for any industry. We will meet or exceed your expectations and provide high quality identification and labeling products.


Identification & Labeling Products:


Identification and Labeling Products can all be found on virtually any product, container, rack, or general equipment worldwide. These labels or identification solutions are essential for product recognition, not only for the buyer of the product, but the seller too. If the selling company manufactures a lot of products at any given time, it is easy to get unorganized and begin to misplace the items. This is where the identification labels are of importance. No matter the size of the project, we can supply the identification labeling to communicate hazards and relay other information.

Plasti-Fab, Inc. provides flexographic printing lables. They are printed up to three colors on our industry standard flexographic printing presses using 0.002” polyester face stock and laminated with a 0.001” polypropylene laminate.  Polyester face stock is coated with a proprietary permanent adhesive for durability in a variety of applications.  A number of existing sizes are available, or we can custom order tooling to meet our customer’s needs. Our different presses allow us to run prints in many different sizes. Flexographic labels are versatile and affordable solutions used for diverse identfication needs. 


Our container ID tags are ideal for industrial container identification. Container Identification labels are either screen or digitally printed on thin gauge PVC sheet, and press polish laminated to 0.030” thickness to provide strength and protect printed information in an industrial environment.  A permanent acrylic adhesive is applied to the back side, and the parts are die cut to customer’s specifications.  Container ID tags may be produced with or without fastener holes, or adhesive backing.  Other options such as bar coding and sequential numbering are available.  Alternate materials and thicknesses are available upon request.  A number of existing sizes are available, or we can custom order tooling to meet your needs.


Releasable labels are printed up to three colors on our standard 0.002” polyester face stock and laminated with a proprietary silicone-based laminate to allow application and easy removal of shipping and/or other labels required.  Polyester face stock is coated with a proprietary permanent adhesive for durability in a variety of applications.  A number of existing sizes are available, or we can custom order tooling to meet our customer’s needs.


Visual Factory Products


There are many customers throughout the world of manufacturing. Plasti-Fab offers the most extensive line of custom products to convey important information for your manufacturing systems, such as safety and warehouse signage, instruction boards, status on equipment, erasable placards, literature holders, document sleeves, badge holders, and much more. No matter how diverse your needs are, we create solutions that work.

Plasti-Fab offers a wide variety of industrial identification solutions. We provide customized labeling products to help our clients organize strategically their products. Our industrial identification products allow our client to identify their reusable containers, pallets and racks.

The industrial container identification products Plasti-Fab offers are:

  • Pouches: 

    Pouches are produced using di-electric heat sealing from a variety of materials.  A number of existing sizes are available, or we can custom order tooling to meet our customer’s needs.  Pouches may be produced with a full adhesive back or with strips of adhesive tapes, magnet or hook & loop.
  • Placard/Label Holders:

    Our placard or label holder products are generally use as document holders. They are made from 0.055” HDPE, and may be produced plain, or with dry erase clear coating or releasable laminate. Our plastic label holders can be used to place adhesive and non-adhesive labels and can be placed on different types of surface. They are perfect identification solutions often used on shelves, walls, file cabinets and many other places that need labeling. We offer a variety of customization options so you can get a plastic label holder that fits your needs.
  • Rigid Card or Label Holder:

    Card Holders are produced out of 0.030” PETG.  We have a number of existing designs available, or we can manufacture to our customer’s specifications.  Alternate materials and thicknesses are also available. Cardholders may be fastened with hardware fasteners, adhesive strips, magnet, or hook & loop.
  • Job Boards

  • Industrial Signage – Factory Signage: 

    Facility signs and other forms of signage can be produced upon customer request.  A variety of materials are available or we can work with customer’s specifications.


Safety Identification Products


Safety identification products are some of the most important labels in the manufacturing industry. Any information regarding health and safety is essential to any environment, and is also required by state, local, and federal laws. Label and signage construction is critical to achieving a long lasting, durable safety identification product. Only the highest-quality materials are used in the production of our safety labels and signs, and they are uniquely able to conform to most surfaces, such as pipes, walls, doors, panels, shelving, bins, and equipment with a permanent adhesive backing. Products are able to be made for indoor or outdoor grade, which includes resistance to oils, detergents, dirt, grime, many solvents, and high temperatures. 
Our Safety Identification products include:

  • Notice Signs

  • Caution Signs

  • Hazard Signs

  • Safety Signs