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Container Ids: container identification tags

Our container ID tags are ideal for industrial container identification. The importance of labeling each container is vital in the warehousing portion of the production process. The container Id tag can include the name of the company, company logo, product specifications, identification or SKU numbers, a barcode, etc.  We help facilitate the customization of each container Id to make sure it meets our customer’s needs. Our container ID tags are made from PVC, PETG, or HDPE, and are typically 0.030” thick. These tags can be screen printed or digitally printed. We offer them with or without adhesive and with or without perforation holes. These tags can have thickness between 0.010” and 0.060”, and may also be cut into sheets.

Container identification Tags


Plasti Fab offers a wide variety of container identification tags. These identification products are used by companies to label reusable assets such as racks, pallets, totes, plastic containers, and many other reusable storage and shipping packages.

Our clients use different types of containers to transport and store their products. It is crucial for them to have a reliable identification system in place to help them manage and organize their inventory. Making sure their company assets are properly identified can help them keep track of their products and help speed up their supply chain process.

Plasti Fab offers its clients customized container identification solutions. The container ID tags are specially made to fit our client’s needs. We can make the tag in many different sizes, colors, and materials. Depending on the number of identification tags needed we provide the most cost-efficient solutions for all of the clients.

Our container ID tags can include logos, blank spaces, barcodes, and digitally printed specifications. We can provide a container identification tag that is durable, reliable, and reusable and we can also provide economic and flexible tags that can be applied to diverse surfaces.

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