Since 1957, Plasti-Fab, Inc. has been manufacturing visual identification products for the industrial, material handling, corporate, and retail industries. Our continued success can be measured by our list of satisfied loyal customers.

Our modern, 15,000 square foot facility is continuously updated with the latest in technology and equipment, making us the supplier of choice for companies worldwide. At Plasti-Fab, Inc., Customer Service, Quality, and Safety are our top priorities.


We use a wide variety of materials and processes to provide an attractive and functional design for your project. Your finished products can be customized to meet any number of requirements from the simplest to most demanding applications, meeting or exceeding your requirements. Our design team can handle many different applications, while delivering your finished product in a timely manner.

Identification and Labeling Products
Our labels, overlays, nameplates, and decals can be found on products, containers, racks, and equipment worldwide for product recognition, communicating hazards, and to relay information. With multiple printing processes available, we can handle anything from your prototype or short-run projects, all the way to high-volume production.

Visual Factory Products
With many customers throughout the manufacturing world, Plasti-Fab, Inc. offers an extensive line of custom products to convey important information for your lean manufacturing system such as safety and warehouse signage, job instruction boards, equipment status, erasable placards, literature holders, document sleeves, badge holders, and more. With our design capabilities and experienced staff, we can create solutions that meet the challenges of your diverse needs.

Safety Identification Products
Communicating information related to health and safety is essential in any environment to be in compliance with state, local, and federal laws. Label and signage construction is critical to achieving a long lasting, durable safety identification product. Only high-quality materials are used to produce our labels and signage that can conform to smooth or rough surfaces such as pipes, walls, doors, panels, shelving, bins and equipment with a permanent adhesive backing. Products can be made for indoor or outdoor grade — and include resistance to oils, detergents, dirt, grime, many solvents and high temperatures.

Customer Service & Design

At Plasti-Fab, Inc., we believe that a successful partnership is based on maintaining consistent and clear communication with our clients. This ongoing dialogue enables us to develop innovative design solutions that meet or exceed our clients' needs. We give you personalized service and support, innovative thinking, and exceptional quality of fabrication.

Our customer service and design team can assist you in developing your projects, and help move your idea from concept to creation using three core strengths that have been strengthened over years of solving our clients production needs:

  1. Fast, responsive customer service and pro-active communication.
  2. The ability to quickly design and deliver quality products.
  3. Advanced design and fabrication experience.

With industry-standard computer hardware and software in house, our graphics professionals can accept your art files on CD, DVD, or via e-mail. If you have no art files, we can meet with you and create your design from scratch. We maintain up-to-date versions of the following graphics applications:

  • QuarkXpress®
  • Adobe® Illustrator®
  • Adobe® Photoshop®

Our clients' projects run faster and at higher quality because we employ a professional design and customer service staff to bring projects in on time and on budget.

Print Production

With several choices of printing processes at our disposal, Plasti-Fab, Inc. can produce your printed project using the most efficient process that fits the application. Our diverse print production staff is capable of producing high-quality prototypes and short runs digitally or, if you have a larger project, with our flexo or screen-print presses. Should your project require specialty printing outside of our capabilities, we have strong business relationships with several very reliable local sources. Our extended printing capabilities include Flexographic, Digital, Screen, and Offset Printing, among others.

Screen-printing is one of the most versatile of all printing processes. Our state-of-the-art equipment and processes allow Plasti-Fab, Inc. to print on many different types of substrates. Our screen-printing department is a completely self-contained component of our manufacturing process. Being self-contained gives us better control of the quality and cost of all printed jobs. A significant characteristic of screen-printing is that printed items can generally withstand the exposure to harsh weather conditions and still look good without the colors fading. Our ink systems include both conventional solvent-based and UV inks.

Digital Printing
Digital printing is the preferred method of production for small quantities and prototyping. Our all-digital printing and finishing capabilities provide an economical solution for your project, with the flexibility of printing up to six (6) colors, variable data, laminating, and cutting into virtually any size or shape without inconvenient and expensive film, plate, or die charges. The thermal transfer ribbons we use offer vivid colors and extremely high durability. With a wide variety of substrates available, we can produce your job quickly and efficiently.

Flexographic Printing
Flexographic printing is widely used in the label and packaging industries. "Flexo" is fast, economical, and the preferred method of production for larger quantities. Our seasoned staff can efficiently produce a high-quality product to meet your budget. We have existing tooling available, or we can custom order dies to meet the requirements of your project.

Finishing Capabilities

Lamination offers added protection for your product such as resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and harsh weather conditions. Lamination can give your product a polished or other desired finish. We utilize several different lamination processes and materials to provide the best match for your project.

Die Cutting
Die Cutting allows us to cut virtually any shape out of various materials. Our dies are of the highest quality and are made using a very sharp steel blade formed into the desired shape. Plasti-Fab, Inc. has numerous dies readily available, but we can also produce customized dies for your project. Round corners, holes and irregular shapes are good examples of die cutting. Kiss Cutting is a process in which the top layer of a material can be cut without cutting through the liner (e.g. decals).

Heat Sealing
An important stage in manufacturing some products is our die-electric sealing machine. With this machine, we can fabricate sheets of vinyl into various end products such as rack pouches, menu covers, badge or tag holders, ticket/pit pass holders, pocket folders, CD and photo holders, insurance and business card cases, document protectors, luggage tags, and much more.

We have a large selection of existing dies to choose from, or one can be produced specifically for your project. Materials are available in many gauges, colors, and finishes. Plasti-Fab, Inc. can add a screen printed or hot stamped design to your product for that personalized look, and popular accessories include adhesive, lanyards, grommets, magnets, pins, Velcro®, and clips.

Value-Added Features

Bar Coding
The use of bar coding has grown dramatically over the last 15-20 years, and is a fast, easy, and accurate data entry method. The correct use of bar codes can reduce the chances of human error and increase an organization's efficiency. Plasti-Fab, Inc. can incorporate bar code technology into your product for product identification, inventory control, serialization, data collection, or tracking. We also have the capability of importing your spreadsheet data for specialized numbering sequences or other variable data.

Foil Stamping
Foil stamping uses heat and film in a specialty printing process that produces a design on many available materials. Foil stamping, also called hot stamping, dry stamping, foil imprinting, or leaf stamping, uses dies or metal stamps to seal a thin later of metallic or colored leaf onto the surface similar to a letterpress. Once heated, the die presses the foil against the substrate with enough pressure that the foil sticks only in the intended places, leaving a slight imprint. Common applications for foil stamping include sequential numbering and metallic foil embossing.

Sequential Numbering
Sequential numbering is an inexpensive and effective way to give otherwise identical items, such as labels or nameplates, a unique identity. It can be used simply as a serial number or reference to keep track of items as they travel through your facility or during shipment. Sequential numbering is typically achieved by foil stamping or bar coding and can be applied to virtually any product we manufacture.

Accessories/Finishing Touches
With a vast selection of accessories available from our network of suppliers, we can find the right accessory to give your product that finishing touch. Fasteners, such as Velcro®, magnetic strips, snaps, rivets, and clips for attaching your product to clothing, storage containers, racks, and equipment; hardware, such as brass eyelets and grommets, metal ring mechanisms, and binder clips to give your product additional functionality; adhesives, such as pressure sensitive, permanent, and foam tapes are available in a range of strengths as acrylic or rubber based to meet the demands of your project.

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