Card Holder or Label Holders     

Plasti-Fab, Inc. is a leading supplier of durable plastic card and label holders for the returnable packaging, manufacturing, material handling, and agricultural industries. Our card and label holders are used for marking shelves, racks, bins, totes, and shipping containers with inventory information, part numbers, bar codes, shipping instructions, or other information.

We manufacture our card and label holders from clear durable plastics, making it easy to read and scan your information while protecting it from damage. Our card and label holders can be made to order using one of our many existing designs or customized to meet your unique specifications and budget.

Our durable plastic card and label holders can be customized with holes for use with your fasteners of choice, with acrylic or foam adhesive strips, hook and loop tape, or magnetic strips as needed.

If you are searching for the perfect card holder, Plasti-Fab offers customizable label holder options:

  • Our cardholders have heat-sealed clear plastic/vinyl pockets/sleeves that allow your documents to be visible and keep them protected. They are available in a variety of colors, and sizes, and can be branded with your company logo.
  • The cardholders can be adhesive and utilized as protective label holders. The cardholders also have additional hardware attached such as lanyards or metal clips. 
  • This product is often used by companies that issue important identification cards for their employees or their products. The ID cards contain information that should be visible such as photos, or safety and handling specifications.

The design of the cardholders can vary depending on the needs of each client. The purpose of this product is to protect the label or card information and provide visibility. The cards can be easily placed and removed from the holders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our expert customer service agents at Plasti-Fab will help you determine what is the most affordable and valuable option when placing your order. We can provide images or samples of the final product Contact our customer service representatives at 248-206-0672 or on our contact form for more information!