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Container ID tags made from PVC, PETG, or HDPE, and are typically 0.030” thick. Tags are screen printed (or digital) and die-cut, with or without adhesive and/or holes. Tags may be any thickness between 0.010” and 0.060”, and may be kiss cut into sheets.

Any thin gauge label generally produced and sold in rolls. Flexographic, digital, etc.

Releasable Labels  
Any thin gauge label as above, but produced using the new “releasable” laminate.

Any thin gauge label generally produced and sold individually or in sheets.

Products generally made from .030” PETG, PVC, or polycarbonate, bent in a manner to accommodate holding documentation. Cardholders may have mounting holes and/or fasteners (magnet, foam tape, hook & loop). May include document holders made from 0.060” and thicker PETG or acrylic.

Placard/Label Holders    
Products generally made from 0.055” HDPE and may be produced plain, or with dry-erase clear coating or releasable laminate.

Heat Sealed Pouches    
Products made from thinner gauge PVC roll stock and di-electric heat-sealed. Pouches may be produced plain, with or without adhesive backing, or with hardware such as lanyards or clips.